by WAB and GARC members,

Alan G0RCI,Marie 2E1BQU

Situated at the bottom of 2 cliffs, and located at sea level, it is not a trip for the faint hearted ! All equipment has to be carried in and out before the tide arrives ! Just a few pictures taken a few years ago. At the time Marie was scared of heights !

Around 30 amateurs turned up for this activation led by that old diehard, Steve G1SGB/G0SGB.

The first descent is through a wooded slope,ropes from tree to tree help a little !

Beyond that is the plateau covered in 2M high ferns.From then on the heart beats a little faster as you approach the drop off point !An invisble ladder !Everyone says that it is there,but it cannot be seen until you start the descent of the rope !




The infamous marker for


as the tide goes out so we descend onto the foreshore.



Sighs of relief as Marie 2E1BQU and the rest of the team arrive and start to operate.First up was Pete on 144MHz.



Marie not looking so relaxed,as she views the climb back up the cliffs.

As the tide slowly returns !

Most of the contacts were on HF on this particular trip,however quite a number were achieved on VHF using passing ships as an reflector!