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GREAT SALTEE     1994                                         LOCATED OFF SE COAST OF EIRE                                                     EU-103

CHAUSEY              1997                                          FRENCH ISLAND GROUP SOUTH OF THE CHANNEL ISLES         EU-039

LES SEPT ILES      1999                                          FRENCH ISLAND GROUP OFF NORMANDY COAST                      EU-107

LAMMSKAAR      2001                                          SWEDISH BALTIC                                                                                   EU-177

VENDSYSSEL      2003                                          NORTH DENMARK (ALSO FUR AND LIVO ISLS)                              EU-171

ST KILDA             2005                                          WESTERN MOST PART OF UK                                                             EU-059

SKOKHOLM        2006                                          OFF WELSH PEMBROKE COAST                                                         EU-124

SHIANTS              2007                                          WESTERN ISLES SCOTLAND                                                                EU-112

SUMMER ISLES   2008                                          WESTERN ISLES SCOTLAND                                                               EU-092

YNYS GYBI          2009                                          WALES OFF ANGLESSEY                                                                     EU-124

FYN                       2010                                          DENMARK                                                                                              EU-172

BRESSAY             2012                                          SHETLANDS (SCOTLAND)                                                                    EU-012

RATHLIN             2014                                          BETWEEN NORTHERN ISLAND AND SCOTLAND                            EU-122